New Canaan Housing Update 4/17/09

Houses Currently on the Market               268

Condominiums  Currently on the Market    79

Contracts Pending

  • Anthony Lane                    $495,000.
  • Oak Grove Place               $1,095,000.
  • Bayberry Road                  $1,195,000.
  • Sleepy Hollow Road          $1,299,000.
  • Marvin Ridge                     $1,300,000.
  • Shagbark Drive                  $2,099,000.
  • Lambert Road                    $2,200,000.
  • Silvermine Road                 $2,695,000.

New Listings in New Canaan April 10 – April 17

Summer Street           3 bedroom/2 bath           Condominium   $569,000.

Park Street /               3 bedroom/2 bath           Condominium   $635,000.

South Avenue /            2 bedroom/2 bath           Condominium   $749,000.

Woodland Road /         4 bedroom/2 bath           Tudor              $1,025,000.

South Avenue /            4 bedroom/2 bath           Colonial           $1,050,000.

Hawthorne Road/         4 bedroom/3 bath           Colonial           $1,125,000.

Cheesespring Road      4 bedroom/ 2 bath          Colonial           $1,259,000.

Mariomi Road /            5 bedroom/3 bath           Colonial           $1,395,000.

Hillcrest Road/             4 bedroom/3 bath           Cape Cod        $1,525,000.

Old King’s Highway /    4 bedroom/4 bath           Colonial           $1,695,000.

Ponus Ridge Road /      4 bedroom/4 bath           Cape Cod         $1,799,000.

Running Brook Road /   5 bedroom/4 bath           Colonial           $1,875,000.

Michigan Road             6 bedroom/3 bath           Colonial           $2,195,000.

Cheesespring Road/     5 bedroom/4 bath           Colonial           $2,385,000.

South Avenue /             8 bedroom/7 bath           Colonial           $5,800,000.

New Canaan Housing Update 4/6/09

Houses currently on the market    273
Condominiums currently on the market  77

Contracts Pending

  • Park Street                 $780,000.
  • Mill Road                    $899,000.
  • Danforth Drive             $995,000.
  • Buttery Road               $999,000.
  • Field Crest Road         $1,070,000.
  • Driftway Lane              $1,099,000.
  • Salem Road                $1,249,000.
  • Smith Ridge Road       $1,250,000.
  • Douglas Road              $1,895,000.
  • Shagbark Drive            $1,975,000.
  • Weed Street                $1,995,000.
  • Green Meadow Lane    $2,249,000.
  • Lukes Wood Road       $4,250,000.

Additionally, there are 5  houses and one Condominium with accepted offers and contracts being drawn as of this posting.

Stimulus in the Suburbs

The government stimulus package aside, here is a “real time”, cost effective stimulus guaranteed to shake off the malaise, lift the spirits and raise your confidence.

Thirty minutes from New Canaan is Grand Prix New York, a 120,000, sq. ft facility dedicated to the best indoor recreational racing I have yet experienced. And trust me; married to a long time racing aficionado I have experienced a few tracks. This is not your Grandfather’s soap box derby. Roaring engines, two European style racing tracks, posh facilities and an award winning restaurant…this is the real deal.

Eleven of us arrived on a late Sunday afternoon after a week of apprehension with emails flying back and forth trying to decide whether we were nuts and maybe this should be a spectator sport instead. We were asked to sign in and choose a racing name suitable for the thrill of the event; mine was Uvegottobekidding ,but those with more of an edge had names like Rover, Blue Thunder, Dizzy D, BlondeAmbition and yes, Whimpy. We sat for a 15 minute tutorial and safety video and then it was off to the dressing room to be outfitted with racing suits, neck guards and helmets.

Stepping out onto the track with its twists and turns, flashing lights, roaring engines, hearing your name called, easing  yourself into the Kart, pulling your visor down, watching the Track Marshal  signaling you like a traffic cop on too much caffeine and sugar…this is where the heart rate starts to rise and you realize you can’t back out now and “just what was I thinking?”. The lights go green, the flag comes down and somehow you find your foot flat down on the accelerator, faster, braking, turning, picking up speed again, straightaway, go, skidding,  and you can’t tell who just passed you except by the color of their sneakers… did I really just get passed by my daughter…oh no you don’t! Suddenly the checkered flag waves in front of you and the first race is over. Your insides are still humming, the helmets come off and everyone is talking all at once; “you squeezed me out of the corner”, “I have got to get me one of these”, “can we go again”, “that was awesome”, “you are so dead the next time”.

Several races later we collapsed into the restaurant on the premises. Eau Rouge is reasonably priced and a wonderful surprise with a variety of salads, appetizers, and entrees that one would enjoy while watching Formula One racing in France. Pictures and stories were shared by good friends after the adrenaline rush of afternoon racing. Other than my husband and a friend of his who both race competitively, the rest of the group had been a bit uneasy and nervous about racing go-karts. All the previous anxiety and trepidation were for naught. This is a safe, fun and thoroughly exciting experience. The New York Times’ recently had an article that read, “don’t dismiss the importance of confidence at a time when spirits hang low”. Suiting up, showing up, completing the race, and catching up to that daughter who passed you on turn 7 was well worth it.  It’s a definite confidence builder and worth the short trip. See for yourself at Yes, tomorrow you may be a bit sore, but think of that green flag waving and your day may start in a higher gear and with a smile.

New Listings in New Canaan March 23 – April 3

Birchwood Lane /         4 bedroom/ 4 bath      Colonial        $1,299,000.

Sleepy Hollow/             4 bedroom/3 bath      Colonial         $1,299,000.

Marvin Ridge Road /      4 bedroom/ 3 bath      Colonial        $1,525,000.

Skyview Lane/              4 bedroom/ 5 bath      Cape Cod      $1,525,000.

Twin Pond Lane/           4 bedroom / 4 bath     Colonial        $1,595,000.

North Wilton Road/        5 bedroom/4 bath       Colonial         $1,640,000.

Brushy Ridge Road /      5 bedroom/ 5 bath      Colonial        $1,650,000.

Shady Knoll Lane /        5 bedroom/4 bath       Colonial        $1,695,000.

Adams Lane /               6 bedroom/ 6 bath    Contemporary  $1,750,000.

Oenoke Ridge /             5 bedroom/3 bath       Colonial         $2,095,000.

Lambert Road /             6 bedroom/4 bath       Colonial         $2,200,000.

Ponus Ridge /               4 bedroom/ 3 bath      Colonial         $2,495,000.

Middle Ridge Road /      5 bedroom/ 4 bath      Colonial         $2,595,000.

Oak Street /                 6 bedroom/6 bath      Colonial          $2,635,000.

Louise’s Lane /             4 bedroom/ 4 bath     Cape Cod       $3,195,000.

Carter Street /               5 bedroom/6 bath      Colonial         $3,295,000.

Brushy Ridge Road /     5 bedroom/ 5 bath     Georgian        $4,999,000.

Smith Ridge Road /       7 bedroom/ 6 bath     Georgian        $9,400,000.

New Canaan Monthly Sales Summary – March 2009

Address                  Original Price      List Price       Sold price         L/S%

22 Urban Street                $699,000.      $599,000.      $485,000.        69%

577 Cheesespring Road  $1,189,000.   $1,189,000.   $1,189,000.      100%

28 Frogtown Road           $1,349,000.   $1,349,000.   $1,300,000.       96%

142 Parade Hill Road       $2,570,000.   $2,049,000.   $1,875,000.       72%

93 Lousies’s Lane           $5,00,000.     $5,000,000.   $3,050,000.       61%

102 Devonwood Lane       $5,495,000.   $4,795,000.   $3,900,000.       70%

358 Lukes Wood Road     $8,995,000.   $6,295,000.   $5,250,000.       69%

266 Michigan Road          $6,795,000.   $6,795,000.   $5,500,000.       80%