So how’s the New Canaan real estate market now?

Lurking within the halls of the state governing bodies was the insane piece of legislation that proposed a conveyance tax on the home buyer. This just in from the Connecticut Association of Realtors, Inc: “Senate Bill 1019, was killed in the State Senate. This bill would have resulted in ANOTHER increase in real estate conveyance… Read More

How is the New Canaan Real Estate Market?

The first quarter ended with decent home sales activity. Single family and condominium sales were up 33% from the same period last year. The remainder of the year should be better still for the followng reasons: ~ More jobs ~ Rising apartment rents ~ Rising stock market wealth ~ Home values at historically justifiable levels… Read More

New Canaan Weekly Market Update 5-13-2011

Posting last week’s New Canaan market update got away from me, which is a good thing. It means real estate was cranking along and I was introducing people to our wonderful town. Numbers have been up…not prices necessarily, but the number of properties selling. As of today there are 142 closed transactions, 75 additional properties… Read More

So How’s the Real Estate Market in New Canaan?

[image title=”Weekly Update 4 15 11″ size=”large” id=”1092″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ]

New Canaan Real Estate Agent Productivity 2010

[image title=”average-dollar-per-agent-new” size=”large” id=”877″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] We know every real estate office touts their productivity numbers with a variety of claims and from a variety of sources….so I decided to do a little simple digging. I charted out the actual results as provided by the New Canaan Multiple Listing Service regarding number of listing/sales… Read More

Market Trends for New Canaan Homes and Condominiums

[image title=”slide11″ size=”large” id=”859″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ][image title=”slide21″ size=”large” id=”860″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] With the recent doom and gloom headlines “US new home sales plunge to lowest levels since 1963” and “existing single-family home sales — accounting for the bulk of transactions — were at the lowest since May 1995” the question I am constantly… Read More

New Canaan Real Estate Acitivity 2010

If you have a blog I suppose you should be blogging!  Well, the past several months got away from me which should indicate to you all that real estate in New Canaan became quite active. As is the norm our inventory tends to rise during the spring. Properties look their best, people come out of… Read More

New Canaan Real Estate Prices and Sales

[image title=”bh-market-stats-table-1910″ size=”large” id=”790″ align=”none” alt=”Recent market statistics as of April 9, 2010″ linkto=”viewer” ] Pending Sales, which are not included in this chart, continued to rise during the month of March which is traditionally one of the busiest for real estate transactions. Currently there are 29 single family residences and 5 condominiums under contract…. Read More

Recent Sales Summary for New Canaan

[image title=”market-stats-for-blog-07-10-jan-feb” size=”large” id=”743″ align=”none” linkto=”viewer” ] Housing sales continue to pick up in 2010. Even though there were only 4 closed sales this month behind the scenes there is a lot of activity . Currently there are 33 residences with signed contracts, a healthy increase from last year. Buyers are starting to reach into… Read More

Monthly Real Estate Sales Comparison for New Canaan Jan. ’07- Jan. ’10

[image title=”yearly-comparison-of-monthly-sales-in New Canaan, CT. 2007-20101″ size=”large” id=”672″ align=”left” linkto=”viewer” ] Buyers took advantage of  the price dip in the market and the low mortgage rates to boost real estate sales in New Canaan. January sales topped the last 4 consecutive years in number of closings. As of this posting there are 20 properties with… Read More

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